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Renewable Energy for the Developing World Technical Training Oct 17-19

A great educational opportunity!

What: Intensive 2.5 day technical training When: October 17th-19th, 2008 Where: PSU Classroom - TBA Topic: Electricity for Rural Areas, Solar Power and Pumping, Wind power, Case Studies in International Development Contact: [email protected]

Portland-based Green Empowerment will be offering an intensive 2.5 day technical training this October. The course will cover much of the material covered in Green Empowerment's annual 5-day course offered in the spring.

Course outline is as follows: Friday, 10/17: 6-9pm

* Intro. to GE and our development model; phases of a project's development. * Case Study on a solar water pump installation in the Philippines * Case Study on planning and training at a nationally sponsored conference in Ecuador for utility operators, government official, and village leaders

Saturday, 10/18: 9am-~5pm

* Primer on electricity * Solar electricity for rural community power needs

Sunday, 10/19: 9am-~5pm

* Solar Water Pumping (concept and sizing/design exercises) * Wind (overview, sizing, site selection, demo) * Q&A

Cost: $250

Enrollment is open now.