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Volunteer Hedge Trimmer Needed!

Hi! We are a non-profit health center offering healthcare to low-income folks living with chronic illnesses, such as HIV, Cancer, and Drug and Alcohol recovery. We are looking for someone to come and trim all the hedges/bushes around our building so our practitioners can actually get some light into their treatment rooms! Would you have a couple of hours to share? We don't have the tools, so you would have to bring your own.  The hedges are the type that just need to be cut off straight across at the top. Please let me know if you would be interested. Thanks! Gretchen 503-238-5203 x107

Gretchen Bradley

Volunteer and Community Programs Coordinator

Quest Center for Integrative Health

2901 E. Burnside

Portland, OR 97214

503-238-5203 x 103 tel / 503-238-5202 fax


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