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Internaut & Associates, Inc. - Principal: Jonathan Peizer

Strategic Planning & Implementation Consulting for Administrative & Programmatic Initiatives

Region(s) Covered: Oregon & SW Washington

Contact Information

website link:http://internautconsulting.com
address:850 Napoleon Street
Woodmere, NY  11598
principal contact:Jonathan Peizer
email:[email protected]
Skype: jpeizer


To provide exceptional strategic planning & implementation support


If your initiative is one big puzzle of design, messaging, support, sustainability, partnerships, implementation and evaluation issues, Internaut Consulting can help fit those pieces together into a strategy that makes sense, and implements successfully.

Internaut Consulting in skilled in 'big picture' interventions involving initiative design, implementation and evaluation. We specialize in projects, often with significant technology components, that require strategic intervention. It is typically contracted for projects requiring expertise in:

  • Strategic initiative development & successful implementation planning
  • Defining where activities fit in the overall landscape of the sector
  • Suggesting partnership, networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Offering initiative-enhancing technology solutions Providing solutions leveraging sector dynamics to your advantage
  • Both programmatic and administrative initiatives