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Candidates Gone Green, October 1st

Wednesday October 1 2008

The Future of Energy and Oregon Environmental Coalition present.. CANDIDATES GONE GREEN,

A Forum on the Future of Energy and Sustainability in Portland

Featuring Randy Leonard, Charles Lewis, Amanda Fritz and others

Doors 6 p.m.; forum 7 p.m. 'til 8:30 p.m. | Free | All ages welcome

CANDIDATES GONE GREEN will be moderated by Live Wire's Sean McGrath. The event will feature an open question format designed to give participants an opportunity to discuss issues and initiatives related to energy sustainability in Portland. This will not be a political debate. There will be no right or wrong answers to the questions. The purpose of the event is to give Portland citizens an opportunity to learn how their leaders will be looking out for their future.

Participants include:

•Randy Leonard – Portland City Commissioner

•Charles Lewis – run-off candidate for Portland City Commissioner

•Amanda Fritz – run-off candidate for Portland City Commissioner

•Rex Burkholder – Metro Commissioner

•Mike Delman – Candidate for Multnomah County Commissioner

Host Background: The Future of Energy Group

The Future of Energy's mission is to provide a networking and educational forum for energy professionals. By utilizing the diverse expertise and leadership of its members, the group works to promote practical solutions for enhancing the role of energy efficiency and renewable energy in consumer choices, and market dynamics; and communicate how they relate to major global problems such as global climate change, peak energy, and sustainability.

Visit futureofenergypdx.org or groups.yahoo.com/group/FoEF-Portland/ for more information.

Host Background: Oregon Environmental Council

The Oregon Environmental Council safeguards what Oregonians love about Oregon – clean air and water, an unpolluted landscape and healthy food produced by local farmers. We work to create innovative change on three levels: we help individuals live green; we help businesses, farmers and health providers thrive with sustainable practices; and we help elected officials create practical policy.