Youth Development Arts and Culture Supervisor

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organization:Boys and Girls Club of Portland-JWR Club (Camas)
position summary:

The Arts & Culture Supervisor plans programs and activities, which promote learning and encourage the development of artistic and social skills. He/she is directly responsible to the Program Director.

Salary / Pay Rate:$8.00 to 10.00 per hour
Required Skills and Abilities:Position Responsibilities 1. Plan specific programs for the Arts and Cultural Enrichment area consistent with the organization’s youth development mission. 2. Implement and carry out daily programs and activities in the Arts and Cultural Enrichment area. 3. Maintain a program setting that ensures the health and safety of members. 4. Contribute to the creation of the overall Club’s climate for youth development. 5. Provide everyday guidance to members. 6. Promote and market programs to members. 7. Manage necessary administrative functions and assigned resources. 8. Handles other duties and responsibilities as directed or deemed necessary by the Chief Executive Officers Position Requirements • Meeting established schedules/deadlines as part of normal routine; accepting a variety of daily activities while maintaining high accuracy requirements. • Maintaining confidentiality in all assignments and responsibilities. • Setting Standards: Leadership position where performance and overall organization expectations are modeled.
Qualifications:A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education or related field preferred and/or 1 year experience in developing and implementing Arts and Cultural Enrichment programs. The ability to work independently and efficiently without direct supervision. The ability to supervise professional staff and volunteers. The ability and desire to work with youths 7-18 years of age in a variety of recreational and social environments. The ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, so that he/she may present written and verbal reports to the Board of Directors when requested by the Chief Executive Officers.
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer