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ADHD: The Mind/Body Connection Workshop

with Dr. Jeff Sosne, Lynea Gillen, MS & Jim Gillen, RYT

Oct 9-10, 2010

9 am - 4 pm

Marylhurst University

Portland, Oregon

$245 (includes Textbook Yoga Calm for Children); $55 extra for PSU Credit;

($125 scholarships available for CNRG members!)

Register at www.yogacalm.org

Learn specific strategies and practical ideas to help children develop social/emotional awareness, concentration skills, confidence, and the ability to manage emotions and impulses.

This workshop reviews current ADHD treatment practices, uncovers some of the myths of ADHD and introduces a cognitive, behavioral and social / emotional skill development approach to helping children.

Workshop includes a live class component where you can watch Dr Sosne working with children from his ADHD group.

Watch a YouTube video of Dr Sosne from his ADHD & the Attentive Mind presentation at the 2010 Children's Wellness Conference.