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The 2008 Seattle Bioneers Conference! October 17-19

The Northwest Environmental Education Council Presents: The 2008 Seattle Bioneers Conference! October 17-19, Friday through Sunday, at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center!   Seattle Bioneers draws together hundreds of progressive leaders to share solutions to our most pressing environmental and social issues. This conference educates, inspires, and strengthens community among those who care for the Earth.  This dynamic event includes a mix nationally-recognized satellite plenary speakers, 45 live Pacific Northwest presenters, and 40 exhibitor tables showcasing sustainable products and organizations!  Programming topics cover: cutting-edge science, green building, food and farming, social justice, DIY workshops, the arts, youth empowerment, spirituality, and more! Morning satellite plenary speakers include: Naomi Klein, David Orr, Janine Benyus, Kavita Ramdas (and others!). Live afternoon presenters include: Cecile Andrews, Vicki Robins, Youth Speaks, Antioch University, and many others!   To register or to see a full-conference program, visit Seattle Bioneers online at http://www.nweec.org/seattlebioneers. Hope to see you there! -- Albert [email protected]