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Upcoming Harvest Faire

Hello! I am writing on behalf of Swallowtail School. In a short time, we are celebrating the season with our 2nd Annual Harvest Faire (please see link).


This faire is an amazing opportunity to share Swallowtail School with our community. More importantly, it's a wonderful event for families to attend and enjoy all the season has to offer. We focus on crafts and activities for all ages in forms reminiscent of old style markets. Last year, we were fortunate to have approximately 400 people come through the Harvest Faire!

I am writing to inquire about the possibility of donations of pumpkins and/or straw. We offer this event at no cost to the community (although donations are welcome). We hope to keep our costs down and are in search of donations. We also need artisans, specifically a spinner or weaver.

We also have vendor space still available for community members interested in selling their wares and/or food (the cost for a booth is $30, waivers available). Food vendors still needed include a Kettle Corn Vendor, Corn-on-the-Cob, etc. We are particularly interested in vendors who endorse sustainable, natural living.

Do you have interest in participating in our 2nd Annual Event; either in providing a donation or becoming a vendor? Perhaps you would be willing to attend? We appreciate any thoughts or consideration in this regard.


Ericka Goerling, Parent Swallowtail School 503-502-1651 www.swallowtailschool.org