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Working with the Media Workshop

MEDIA, PRESS RELEASES, PR Tue Oct 21,7-9pm Independent Publishing Resource Center

Getting the Media's Attention: Press Release how-to + more Cost: $20 (members) / $30 (non-members)

In this workshop you'll learn the basics of writing a press release, you'll go home with a template you can use to make press release writing a snap! Plus learn how to contact reporters and who to contact, following up, and how to get really great stories with photos, interview techniques and more!

We'll also discuss modern ways to approach the media and how using just a template press release won't cut it.

* How to identify the reporters you should contact * How to approach reporters * Building relationships with reporters * What to put on paper * How to follow up with reporters * What to put in a press release * Talking to reporters - how to get your message across

WHO SHOULD ATTEND This class is perfect for people working with non-profit organizations, crafters, and people working on social causes/projects. The class is relevant to beginners and people who already have some experience working with the media. We will focus a lot on how to talk with the media and ensure your message gets across, how relive TV interview anxiety, etc. If you are wondering if this class is right for you, please contact me at 971-221-7228.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Ayleen Crotty is the Director of Marketing for Good Sport Promotion, an event coordination company that specializes in fundraising events for non-profit organizations. She has 12 years of experience working with the media to publicize events. Ayleen is also the director of the Seventh Annual Filmed by Bike film fest and has been a host of of the KBOO Bike Show for seven years.

IPRC SPECIAL: Pay for two "Creative Business" Workshops and get the third free (of the lesser value).

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