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Help us continue to empower young women!

Springdale Job Corps, home to over 200 students ages 16-24, needs help in continuing to assist and empower its young women.

We are in search of community partners who might be able to assist us in situations dealing with rape crisis, domestic violence, women’s health, women’s shelters, etc. Though we provide a variety of resources, we are looking for partners and could use outside assistance in some cases with specialized counseling, or other resources having to do with empowering women.

All you have to do is call or email at the information below and let us know how we can work together. This could be as simple as a list of shelters or clinics or as complex as a partnership where we refer students to you.

Please don't be shy! If you have a flicker of possible interest, we can work together to continue assisting young women in our communities. I urge you to contact me and see how we can partner!

Asha Swem Business and Community Liaison Springdale Job Corps 503-830-8962 (mobile) 503-695-2245 x 244 [email protected]