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Ecotrust Gardener Position Open

Ecotrust Gardener Position Open

Ecotrust Gardener:  The Ecotrust Gardener will work with the Natural Capital Center Programs Manager to manage the ‘NCC Gardens’ (Bioswales, terrace, the ecoroof, and the indoor plants within Ecotrust’s offices.) Physical work is involved – planting, weeding, mulching, pruning and watering in each of these areas will be necessary.   This person will also be in charge of maintaining the Ecotrust look throughout all of these spaces. The Gardener will be working with specialists at times to ensure we have the correct plant mix all of our spaces. Qualified candidate must be knowledgeable about eco-roofs and bioswales, have hands on experience with maintaining landscapes, and be an effective team player and committed to the organization’s mission of Building Salmon Nation.

Status:         Part time/approximately 10-15 hours a week, hours will vary

Compensation: This is a part time, hourly position.  Starting salary is:  $15.00 an hour.  Ecotrust is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information and application please see our website: http://www.ecotrust.org/about/jobs.html