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Natural Areas Mapping and Restoration Specialist

Washington DNR

Natural Areas Mapping and Restoration Specialist

Ellensburg, WA

The Mapping and Restoration Intern will conduct baseline mapping for the 13 Natural Area Preserves and 2 Natural Resource Conservation Areas in the Southeast Region of Washington State. The Mapping and Restoration Specialist will conduct baseline mapping in the field utilizing GPS and hand mapping techniques. Mapping will include vegetation communities, invasive species, sensitive habitat, as well as other site features (roads, trails, gates, fences, etc.). For each site, GIS layers will be developed using ArcGIS, and a summary report will be prepared including maps sets, methodology, field notes, etc. for each site. The secondary goals of this project include assisting with the implementation of habitat restoration, invasive species control and ecological monitoring. In addition, this position will assist with education and outreach, including working with volunteer site stewards, and will provide general program support as needed.

Learn more about this position: www.nwserviceacademy.org  

To Apply send resume and cover letter to [email protected]  

Complete an AmeriCorps application at https://my.americorps.gov/mp/login.do  

Questions? Call 509-395-3465

Stephanie Ludlow

Recruitment Coordinator

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