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Peace Corps: 2009 Spring, Summer and Fall Programs Still Available

The Peace Corps' 2009 spring, summer and fall programs are filling very quickly, but there are still some programs available.

If you've always wanted to challenge yourself on an international playing field while making a difference on a grassroots level, apply now for these highly competitive programs.

The Peace Corps' regional office is there to help. If you have questions about a Peace Corps application you've already submitted, need assistance navigating the application process for the first time, or have any questions at all about the Peace Corps, please e-mail [email protected] or call 800.424.8580 and ask to speak to a regional recruiter. Without exception, every regional recruiter in the Pacific Northwest also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer and has firsthand knowledge of the Peace Corps' entire application, screening and selection process.

There are currently 8,079 Peace Corps Volunteers in over 70 Peace Corps host countries around the globe. While you do have to be at least 18, there is no upper age limit and no out-of-pocket cost to serve in the Peace Corps.

Go to http://www.peacecorps.gov/application/?cid=srocnrg to apply online.