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Volunteer with BroadArts Theatre!

BroadArts Theatre is creating Portland's future and we need your help...

We are currently putting together a series of community salons to take place in November with support from the Vision Into Action project of the City of Portland. The salons will include discussions, presentations and theatrics- with local leaders, artists and visionaries, all focused on creating the future we want for our city.

An integral part of these salons will be a section of tables featuring a selection of organizations that are working to create Portland's future

Right now we are looking for volunteers that would like to help bring this collaboration to its fullest potential.

Contact broada[email protected] or call 503-288-5181 for more information.

More about BroadArts Theatre: www.broadarts.org

More about the Vision into Action project: http://www.visionpdx.org/

BROADARTS~ Changing the World, One Joke at a Time!

BroadArts Theatre creates artistic performances that celebrate women and minorities creating a more equal, peaceful, compassionate, sustainable and just society. BroadArts has received support from the Vision Into Action and visionPDX projects of the City of Portland, the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation, the Kinsman Foundation, the Foundation of Mercy, the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition of the Oregon Cultural Trust and your donations. So what are you waiting for? Dig out your checkbook or sign online to www.broadarts.org and give 'til it helps to BroadArts Theatre. BroadArts is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax~ deductible. Thank you!