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Dream Volunteer Opportunity

"I Have a Dream" Foundation-Oregon offers year-round academic support and enrichment activities to an entire grade, usually adopted as third graders, at an elementary school. These same students, called Dreamers, remain with the organization until they graduate from high school, at which point each Dreamer is given an $8,000.00 scholarship for any type of post-secondary education. I am a Project Coordinator with the newest class of Dreamers in Portland, current 4th graders at Rigler Elementary School, and I am looking for volunteers. If you have an active passion or skill such as Martial Arts training, yoga, dance, boxing, aerobics, hackey-sack, etc, and would like to share it with a group of 12 Dreamers in the form of a hands-on demonstration, please contact me at 503-757-5395 or at [email protected]. This would be a one-time, one hour commitment, unless the Dreamers hook you in...Thanks