Facilitator for Strategic Plan

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organization:Willamette Valley Development Officers
position summary:

WVDO is embarking on a strategic plan to determine organizational goals for the next 3-5 years. We are looking at how we fit within the community of nonprofits, how we serve our members, what we do well, what we need to change and where our vision will lead us. In addition, our leadership has a strong commitment to advancing the fundraising profession. Whether this is increasing overall fundraising dollars, increasing professionalism, measuring success or some other standard is yet to be determined.

We are actively recruiting a skilled facilitator to lead this process by engaging our members and the community in an in-depth discussion of WVDO’s role. We are also looking to build a long-term relationship with the facilitator as WVDO takes the planning information and turns it into reality.



1. Determine Funding Oct. 2008

2. RFP Process/Selection of Facilitator Oct. –Dec. 2008

3. Information Gathering Jan.-Mar. 2009 Evaluate Current Programs -WVDO - Others serving the sector External Needs Assessment Trends in fundraising/non-profit management

4. Meetings with Stakeholders (internal and external) Mar-Apr. 2009 Focus Groups Surveys Telephone Conversations Interviews

5. Creation of Goals/Objectives/Strategies May. 2009 Facilitated meetings WVDO Board and Staff

6. Draft Plan Written July 2009 Reviews/Revisions Advisory Group Review

7. Plan approved by WVDO Board October 2009


WVDO is working with the local funding community to provide the financial support for this planning process. Once the planning process is complete, we will be inviting our sponsors and the community to invest in the implementation of the plan.

Salary / Pay Rate:Our budget is $20,000-$25,000 for the strategic planning process.
Required Skills and Abilities:REQUEST OF APPLICANTS: WVDO is seeking a facilitator with the following qualifications: 10+ years of experience creating and implementing strategic plans Industry experience in fundraising, preferred Wide-range of experience with non-profits of all sizes, and the for-profit community. Able to see the greater vision through the details Experience with current technology in the industry Excellent understanding of how to involve all interest groups with proven facilitation skills Able to work on-time and on-budget Excellent references from other nonprofit clients
Qualifications:SUBMITTAL INFORMATION: WVDO will evaluate all RFP responses on the following information: 1. Brief statement of Qualifications 2. Brief discussion of the environment-key issues, trends, challenges, etc. 3. Plan of Action, including: a. Detailed discussion of methodology and approaches to be used b. Detailed discussion of key activities c. Timeline with critical milestones d. Breakdown of responsibilities: consultant, WVDO staff, groups, etc. 4. Budget Estimate 5. Samples of work (including client referrals and follow-up) 6. List of Project Team Members 7. Examples of support offered through the process (staff, feedback, etc.) 8. Anticipated WVDO staff time and Advisory Committee oversight time
Education Required:College degree
website link:www.wvdo-or.org