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Volunteer for Green Empowerment 12-1pm Thurs., 23 Oct.

Practice your handwriting while making someone feel special! Green Empowerment writes thank you letters by hand, and we'd just be over the moon if you had a lunchtime to help. Brown bag your noontime repast, head on over to Green Empowerment's office, and try your fist for a good cause. Thank you!!

Green Empowerment 140 SW Yamhill St. Portland, OR 97204

This Thursday 12pm - 1pm

For more information, contact steph routh: 503.284.5774; [email protected]

-- Stephanie Routh Resource Development Coordinator GREEN EMPOWERMENT 140 SW Yamhill St. Portland, OR 97204 P: 503.284.5774 F: 503.460.0450 www.greenempowerment.org [email protected]

Light up someone's life! Bring water to rural villages! Community-based, renewable energy projects protect rainforests and improve health and education globally. Donate now and support sustainable, long-lasting change. www.greenempowerment.org