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Family Volunteer Day at Hosford Middle School

Join Hosford school and community volunteers as we rally at Hosford and celebrate Family Volunteer Day! There are projects for every age group! The painting projects will involve youth and adults over age 16. There will be secondary projects for youth under age 16.

Hosford is a Title I school with a very diverse population - over 23 different languages spoken in the homes of Hosford students. With exceptional test scores and a robust student population of 530, Hosford hallways will shine!

Paint it Up! Bring school spirit to Hosford Middle School - help us replace the dirty white paint with the bright school colors: blue and gold. (Ages 16+)

Rally Squad and Clean-Up Crew Calling all volunteers age 7 to 15! Cheer on the painters and tally the results of this large volunteer effort. Volunteers will also distribute snacks and water. As project areas wrap-up, the crew will gather up drop cloths, paint brushes and other tools and start the clean-up process. (Ages 7-15)

Love Letters Create personalized greeting cards to be given to sick children across the country. Use markers, construction paper and other fun craft items to create cards that will brighten a child's day. This project will tug at your heart-strings! (All Ages)

To find out how to sign up for these projects, contact Hands On Greater Portland at 503-200-3355, or visit our website: www.handsonportland.org.