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Have a GUN to get rid of?

2008 Lents Neighborhood Association/Ceasefire

Oregon Education Foundation Annual Gun Turn-In

Saturday, November 1, 2008

7 a.m. to 2 p.m.5933 SE 92nd Avenue (between Woodstock and Foster), Portland, 97266

The Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation, in partnership with Lents Neighborhood Association, will host the Annual Gun Turn-In to provide a place where gun owners can dispose of unwanted firearms. For each WORKING firearm turned in, residents will receive a $75.00 gift certificate to Fred Meyer. With the advertising for this event, we raise awareness of the risks and responsibilities of gun ownership, including the importance of safe storage. Number of guns turned in at Ceasefire's annual turn-ins:

1994: 600

1995: 300

1996: 689

1997: 907

1998: 1069

1999: 692

2000: 692

2001: 504

2002: 365

2003: 356

2004: 115

2005: 95

2006: 108

2007: 245

TOTAL: 6,731

The Annual Gun Turn-In is held at a specific site on a specific day, and each person who turns in a working gun receives a gift certificate to Fred Meyer in the amount of $75.00. Under the Year-Round Gun Turn-In, the person in possession of the gun contacts a law enforcement officer to arrange to turn in the gun, and no certificates are provided in return.Reasons to turn in a firearm:

Young, lively, curious children are at your home. Someone in your family or a friend or neighbor is suffering from depression. The firearm cannot be properly stored. The gun was left by an earlier occupant of the house. You can't guarantee that someone else won't get the gun. You want to do something to reduce the number of gun accidents, suicides, and homicides. You understand that a gun in the home is much more likely to kill or injure a family member or friend than it is to protect you. You would rather have a gift certificate than the gun. For more information, please call the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundationat 503.220.1669, or email us at [email protected].

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