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Musician call for the Mindful Gifts Bazaar

Are you a musician looking for a place to play? The 7th annual *Mindful Gifts Bazaar* on Saturday, Dec. 13th is a great place to perform!

We're looking for musicians -- soloists, bands, acoustic & electric -- to fill 50 minute sets from 10 am to 3 pm at this fabulous community event. A piano is available, the space is acoustically very warm & generous, and we have a decent sound system for your use. You can sell your tapes & CD's and set out a tip jar. It's always a great event, with lots of people and great organizations to keep you company. Email me at to book your time slot.

The Mindful Gifts Bazaar is a unique non-profit fundraiser/shopping center and an experience in community building. You’ll find meaningful, unique, and affordable gifts representing the services or projects of dozens of local non-profits. Shoppers can buy gifts that really mean something to them and to the person they are gifting. Participating groups this year include p:ear, Portland Habitat for Humanity, Watoto wa Dunia, and El Porvenir. Put your money where your heart is and buy the gifts that will show you really care. Admission is free.

*Why Is Bridgeport UCC Doing This?*

Bridgeport is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, Open and Affirming, Just Peace congregation of progressive political people exploring & celebrating the Christian faith. About 90% of the adults of the congregation work in non-profits or in human services. We want to support the work that the progressive non-profits are doing, promote communication between those organizations, and do what we can to help build community here in Portland.

-- Rev. Susan Leo Bridgeport United Church of Christ A joyful community working for justice, nurturing peace, exploring and celebrating our progressive Christian faith. 621 NE 76th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97213 503 258-0992 www.bridgeportucc.org Good coffee, cool people, hot church!