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Help the The Rebuilding Center Salvage downtown!

The Rebuilding Center is looking for volunteers to help with a project that will take place downtown at The University Place Apartments the first week of December. Volunteers are greatly needed to help the Rebuilding Center's crew salvage as many building materials as possible concentrating on clawfoot tubs, panel and pocket doors, sinks, and trim. Volunteers will spend most of their time taking the nails out the trim and wood salvaged from the building so it can be re-used. TRC is looking for groups of people as well as individuals to come out on the first week of December and make this salvage project possible. If you are interested in organizing a group please email Emily Ordas with a specific date: sometime between December 1-5 and time: the project hours are between 9-5. This should be a really fun event, so please tell anyone you know who might be interested in this about this opportunity.

Emily’s contact information is as follows: (503) 467 4985 Email: [email protected]