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Human Services Continuing Education Courses at PSU

Gender Transition 1: Introduction to Transgender Issues with Reid Vanderburgh, Thurs 8:30am-4 pm Nov 14, 2008

Advanced Supervision for Social Workers: Identifying and Preventing Vicarious Trauma with Wayne Scott, Fri 8:30am-4 pm, Nov 21, 2008

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis I: An Evidence-Based Psychological Approach for Delusions, Hallucinations, and Paranoia  with Ron Unger Thurs 8:30am-4 pm, Dec 4, 2008

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis II: When Trauma and Psychosis Mix: an Evidence-Based Cognitive Therapy Approach to  Understanding and Recovery with Ron Unger, Fri 8:30am-4 pm,  Dec 5, 2008

Pathological Computer Use and Internet Addiction: Description and Treatment with Jerald Block, Fri 8:30am-4 pm, Dec 5, 2008 (*new date*)

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Chronic Pain: Using the Best Evidence to Guide the Practice of Effective Pain Management with Catriona Buist and Shelley Lowenstein, Fri 8:30am-4 pm, Dec 12, 2008

Stage of Change as a Journey Through Change: How the Hero's Journey and Best Practices Interface in Addiction with Greg Crosby, Fri and Sat,  8:30am-4 pm, Jan 16 ,17, 2009

Advanced Clinical Supervision: an Integrative Approach to Collaborative Practice with Naomi Mandsager, Sat 8:30am-4 pm, Jan 24, 2009

Ethics and Legal Issues in Clinical Supervision with Douglas Querin, Fri 8:30am-4 pm, Feb 20, 2009

Supervision for Social Workers with Matt Modrcin, Fri 8:30am-4 pm, Jan 9, 2009

Evidence-Based Group Work with Greg Crosby, Fri 8:30am-4 pm, Feb 13, 2009

More information about workshops and registration instructions can be found at http://sesweb.ses.pdx.edu/ceed_cat/list_topic.cfm?id=171

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Kathy Lovrien, LCSW Mental Health and Addictions Program Manager Portland State University Continuing Education Department Graduate School of Education ph: 503-725-8165 fax: 503-725-5599   lo[email protected] http://www.ceed.pdx.edu/programs_hs.shtml