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Gypsy Re-invention


My name is Julie Fraser, four weeks ago, I re-located to Portland from Yakima, WA. I have worked for the only not-for-profit hospital in Yakima for the past 19 years. I wore several hats simultaneously while working for Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, the most recent have been that as Hospice Volunteer & Bereavement Coordinator and Childbirth Educator. I sold the home I raised my children in and decided I needed a Gypsy re-invention of sorts. I now find myself in the lovely city of Portland where my daughter works at the Re-Building Center.

I am currently renting a room by the week until I find employment and know the area I will be working. I have joined WVDO in an attempt to learn more about cultivation and development. I would appreciate any gestures of kindness and knowledge of resources that come my way as I transition to my new life. I can be reached at [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration,

Warm regards,

Julie Fraser