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Earth-path to Sustainable Leadership Nov. 21-22

Nov. 21-22: Beautiful True Nature ~ The Earth-Path to Sustainable Leadership

What if we applied the principles of sustainability in all our relationships, as we aim to do in our consumption practices? What if we could develop sustainable practices in communication, personal relationships, and in our approaches to project management and conflict resolution? Join us for this evening-daylong workshop exploring principles of deep democracy, collective intelligence, and eco-centric archetypes that can transform our approach to leadership. Judy Chambers facilitates this workshop for Living Earth.  Info and registration online at www.livingearthgatherings.org.



Betsy Toll

Living Earth Gatherings

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Living Earth offers community events, workshops, presentations, celebrations, and retreats that cultivate awareness of deep interdependence, empower full-hearted action in the world, and nurture movement toward a just, sustainable, vibrant, and peaceful future.