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SUN Site Coordinator III - Beverly Cleary for Portland Impact

Portland Impact is a non-profit agency helping people achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and to prevent and alleviate the effects of poverty. We are looking for a motivated individual to join our Children, Youth and Family Program in the Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Initiative at Beverly Cleary. SUN brings together city, county and state resources with school districts, parents and neighborhoods. 

To apply for this position please visit our website where you can download our application. 

The application, your resume and cover letter can be sent to [email protected]

Entry Salary: $33,836 to $37,221 Full Time


The SUN Site Supervisor is responsible for community outreach, service coordination, and resource development in order to extend learning opportunities; academic, social service and health support and recreational activities to students and families beyond the normal school day. The SUN Supervisor will work with Beverly Cleary staff to increase community and family involvement with school and to link before and after school activities with activities during the school day. He or She will work under the supervision of the Education Program Manager and the school principal or her designee to co-manage SUN activities. Provides administrative support to the SUN Advisory Council.


Provides leadership in the development of work groups and action planning designed to further the mission and goals of the SUN initiative and its link to Beverly Cleary Middle School’s Improvement Plan.  This includes:   Completion of a community asset/needs assessment, Relationship building within the school and surrounding community , Supplementing academic achievement efforts, Providing increased opportunities for students and families to explore career and college options, Increase parent and community involvement, The integration of support services and promotion of service delivery.   Conducts on-going outreach and recruitment of a broad and diverse base of citizens, organizations and businesses to participate in SUN planning and implementation of programs and activities. Coordinates with other community, school and public service providers to lace a variety of support services to the School as identified and directed by the SUN Advisory Council.  Includes: Oversight of before and after school activities; The linking of those activities to activities during the schools day  And may involve supervision of SUN staff, volunteers and students.  Performs administrative tasks for the SUN Advisory Council including organizes and facilitates meetings, drafting an annual workplan and budget, compiling and disseminating SUN information, and writing and submitting required progress reports. Maintains and provides administrative support, training and incentives for a Beverly Cleary Youth Advisory Council.  Develops mechanisms for linking Youth Advisory Council recommendations with the SUN Advisory Council. Solicits and assesses cash and in-kind resources to leverage and enhance funding for Beverly Cleary SUN activities. Performs other duties as assigned by the leadership of the SUN Advisory Council and principal or designee as they relate to the SUN initiative. Effectively works with individuals of diverse backgrounds.

REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS Any combination of experience and training that would likely meet the following requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in community organizing, planning, social work or related field; Knowledge of the targeted schools community geographic area; Minimum of four years experience in program development, human service planning and/or community development; One year supervisory and program oversight experience. Excellent human service planning skills and ability to engage a broad spectrum of community members in planning efforts; Ability to organize, prioritize and complete multiple and varied tasks; Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; Sensitivity and ability to relate to people from divers lifestyles and cultures and; Ability and willingness to work as a team member and support the mission and goals of Portland Impact and the school community.


Bilingual and cross cultural knowledge and skills.


Repetitive motion, prolonged sitting, and extensive visual involvement Frequent climbing of stairs Ability to efficiently travel in order to perform duties and other agency related errands Moderate lifting