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Supervising and Leading Teams towards Greater Cultural Effectiveness

TACS Diversity Leaders Network

Discussion led by Cliff Jones, TACS Senior Associate

As we strive to increase multi-cultural effectiveness within our organizations, we must examine organizational structures to support these efforts. Have we built our management and executive capacity to support supervisors, team leaders, managers, and front line staff in working across racial, ethnic and other cultural differences? Do our organization’s mission, vision, and policies provide direction and expectations for staff members working in a multicultural environment? ""

We’ll discuss:

  • Roles of management teams, supervisors, team leaders, staff
  • Leadership skills and cross cultural effectiveness
  • Management accountability
  • Team assessment for cross cultural priorities
  • Training needs assessment

In this DLN session with TACS Consultant Cliff Jones, we’ll explore ways to strengthen your organization’s vision, management structure and organizational culture related to cross cultural effectiveness. You can take steps to ensure staff members are well supported and successful in implementing changes. Discover how your organization can work in greater unity to create a more powerful, dynamic, and healthy multicultural environment.

Network Description

The Diversity Leaders Network (DLN) is designed for people who lead their nonprofit's diversity initiatives, for those interested in improving their understanding of diversity and its impact on their lives, work, and the nonprofit community, or those who simply enjoy discussing diversity issues.


Ecotrust Conference Center

721 NW 9th Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97209


November 19, 2008


8:00 - 10:00 am

Continental breakfast provided.

Sponsored by:

Capital Pacific Bank and United Way of the Columbia Willamette

General Admission:


NAO Nonprofit Member Admission:


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