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Free Home Energy Test

Earth Advantage is looking for homeowners who would like to participate in the Energy Performance Score (EPS) pilot program and receive free energy performance testing on their home. The pilot program will be ending December 31st, 2008. Following the in-home testing you will receive an interim written report on the performance of your home in terms of air leakage, air duct performance, etc along with a prioritized list of suggested measures. After the pilot is completed, you will receive a full EPS report and score based on the results at the time of testing. The findings of this pilot will help to create a program for energy testing existing homes throughout the region. This program has been made possible by The Energy Trust of Oregon and the tests will be performed by Earth Advantage staff.

In order to be a part of this pilot program we ask that your home be:

-built during or after 1960

-heated primarily with gas or electricity (not oil or wood)

-located in North, Northeast, Southwest or Southeast Portland

-single family dwelling (no townhouses, multifamily housing or manufactured homes please)

-occupied by you for at least one year

In addition, someone must be present in the home during the 2-3 hours of testing. Tests will take place Monday through Friday. Start times will begin 8 am and the last start time will be at 12:00 noon.

Note that we are are not able to test rented homes at the request of renters. If you are renting, please feel free to contact your landlord and have them contact us to schedule a test.

To schedule your free home performance test, please contact Marie Cossey at Earth Advantage, Inc., [email protected]. Please be sure to mention that this referral comes through "CNRG."