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Advanced Supervision for Social Workers Training

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please join us for this exciting workshop in our Clinical Supervision Series.  Click on the link below for more information, including registration instructions.

Advanced Supervision for Social Workers: Identifying and Preventing Vicarious Trauma with Wayne Scott Fr 8:30am-4 pm, Nov 21, 2008 Working with high-conflict, multi-problem, and economically disadvantaged clients can be inspiring for clinicians but also makes them vulnerable to exhaustion. To prevent vicarious trauma, clinical supervisors need strength-based tools to mitigate the impact of the daily interface with these clients. Learn specific strategies to strengthen clinicians committed to doing this work. Using experiential activities, supervisors learn to identify beliefs indicative of vicarious trauma as well as relational strategies to help clinicians modify those cognitive schemas. This advanced workshop is designed for supervisors who have already fulfilled their initial six-hour training requirement and are seeking their five-year renewal in order to maintain status as a supervisor of LCSWs. The course may also be used by LCSWs to satisfy the six-hour training requirement for clinical social worker supervision and takes seasoned clinical supervisors into a deeper awareness of their potency to mitigate stress and burnout within the supervisory relationship. 


Kathy Lovrien, LCSW Mental Health and Addictions Program Manager Portland State University Continuing Education Department Graduate School of Education ph: 503-725-8165 fax: 503-725-5599   [email protected] http://www.ceed.pdx.edu/programs_hs.shtml