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Heart of Now Dec. 5-7

HEART OF NOW in Portland

Friday evening, Dec.5 - Sunday Dec. 7

* Are you are longing to be more fully alive, to take the next step in knowing and trusting yourself, to look at ideas and ways of being that have limited you?

* Are you ready to take the risk of real honesty that comes from the heart, to be closer to yourself and to others?

* Isn't it time to let your light shine to all around you, to follow your dreams?

Heart of Now is about being who we want to be in the world. The essence of the Heart of Now is the practice of being fully present with our whole Self. When we are aware of how we are feeling and what we are thinking in each moment, we can interact with others in a way that allows greater honesty, connection and intimacy.

Throughout our lives many of us were taught to hide our feelings and ignore our bodies. We took on stories of how were supposed to show up in the world. At Heart of Now we identify the stories, and learn to listen to ourselves deeply and trust what is in our hearts.

Heart of Now workshops are unique in including numerous assistants to support us and to create a sacred space for transformation. A deeply nurturing environment is created. This teamwork approach deepens the experience of service and camaraderie, where all are able to experience their vulnerabilities, allowing trust and growth.

At the Heart of Now:

You'll practice being present with your thoughts, emotions, and sensations in many different contexts.

You'll explore being honest with yourself first, and then with others.

You'll learn to explore your ideas and emotional attachments in places you've felt stuck, and to let go.

You'll look at the choices you make in each day and each moment.

You'll discover reconnecting with your innate beauty, wholeness, and power in each moment. You'll embrace what you desire most, to let your dreams and visions be more important than past wounds.

Heart of Now is not just about ourselves but also about our communities and our world. When we are present and honest with ourselves, we create the space for intimacy, easy working relationships and creativity that are the building blocks for creating a better world.

Our next Heart of Now course in Portland is offered for registration fee of $225 ($195 if received by November 17th). Plus a donation of your choice offered at the end of the course.

Heart of Now grads are invited to attend Heart of Now practice groups in Portland or Eugene, as well as assisting at any future Heart of Now courses.

To contact us and ensure your spot for this workshop, e-mail us at [email protected], call us at 541-359-3594, or visit our website, www.heartofnow.org. You can now sign up and pay your registration fee online.

We hope to see you in the Heart of Now!