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organization:Mentoring Advanced Programs for Students (MAPS)
position summary:

Mentoring Advanced Programs for Students (MAPS), a Vancouver, Washington based 501 (c)3 organization, is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director will oversee and carryout all organizational operations of MAPS including board relations, human resource management, program planning and development, and management, financial management, fund development, public and partner relations and asset management.

MAPS Mission MAPS mission is to challenge high school students to succeed in more rigorous academic subjects to prepare to become future leaders and innovators in the global economy

Background: MAPS was established in 2005 to foster connections between businesses and high school students in Advanced Placement courses with a goal of encouraging more students to excel in rigorous academic subjects. Until 2008, its core services have been providing mentors and extracurricular activities to AP students in Clark County high schools. Currently, MAPS has one full-time staff member who serves 23 mentors and volunteers, 18 teachers, and some 150 students. MAPS has garnered significant support at the local, state, and national levels.

In 2008, the MAPS board expanded its services to focus on connecting business professionals to high school students to encourage and support them in pursuing and succeeding in rigorous science, technology, engineering, and math education and activities. Initially, services will be delivered in SW Washington. However, the board envisions expanding throughout the state of Washington within one–two years.

The Executive Director will be responsible for developing the infrastructure, service delivery model, and educational and business support for this new direction with a target date of September 2009 for delivery of the expanded services. A concept model for this initiative exists but will need to be vetted and expanded upon with key stakeholder groups.

MAPS is currently funded through a combination of fee-for-service, one-time state and federal funds, and foundation and private donations. A key priority for the Executive Director will be to develop a long-term funding model and to secure additional funds to support operations.

To learn more about MAPS please see our website: www.apmentoring.org. Please note that the website describes the organizational services to date and does not yet reflect the future direction approved by the board in 2008.

TO APPLY REPORT TO: WorkSource-Vancouver Town Plaza located at 5411 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Suite 15, or to your nearest WorkSource Washington center.

Ask to see an Employment Specialist. Dress for a business interview.


* Resume targeting job requirements

* Cover letter or letter of interest

* Refer to Job Number WA1942489

Salary / Pay Rate:Salary commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits package.
Required Skills and Abilities:Qualified candidates must have •Demonstrated entrepreneurial capabilities to lead a start-up organization •Strong management and relationship building skills •Vision and the willingness to roll up their sleeves to carry out the work •Excellent verbal and written communication skills •Strong computer skills •Strong undergraduate education with Baccalaureate degree •Education, training or experience in Public or Business Administration, Social Sciences, Education Administration or related field.
Qualifications:Preferred qualifications include: •Management position in directly related organization •Experience with the K12 Education system and/or nonprofits •Familiarity with schools in Washington state •Connections to businesses and local non-profits •Experience in private sector •Advanced degree
Education Required:College degree
website link:www.apmentoring.org