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How will Lents respond to change???

Join us at the Lents Neighborhood Association Meeting for an inspiring discussion on "Transition Town Movement"

Tuesday, November 25th, 7:00pm, Seventh Day Adventist Church, 8835 SE Woodstock 

David Johnson will speak on the Transition Town movement which was set  up in the UK as a community response to the dual challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. From its small beginnings in Ireland in 2004,  the Transtion Initiative has spread to include over 50 groups around Britiain and communities in Australia, New Zealand and America as people start to take responsibilty themselves for the challenges that we face. David has recently moved to Portland from the UK. He built an award winning eclogical house in South Wales and completed a Masters Degree in Ecopsychology through Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. David has also trained with Joanna Macy in her Despair & Empowerment work. Cheryl Jardine, LPC is a counselor, student of urban studies and gerontology, and member of the Lents Community.  She has been educating herself about the future challenge of the decrease of the availability of cheap oil and is excited about the positive vision that Transition Iniatives offers. (for more information, Google "Transition Town Movement" )