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Help Fight Fistula! Monday Nov. 24th @ 3PM

What is fistula? Obstetric fistula is a hole between a woman's birth passage and her internal organs. This hole develops over days of obstructed labor. The pressure of the baby's head against the mother's pelvis cuts off circulation to tissues and the dead tissue falls away. The woman is left with a hole between her vagina and her bladder and sometimes between her vagina and rectum. This hole results in permanent incontinence of urine and/ or feces.

A majority of women who develop fistulas are abandoned by their husbands and ostracized by their communities because of their inability to have children and their foul smell.

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 2 million women have untreated fistula and that approximately 100,000 women develop fistula each year.

It costs just $300 to give a woman sergury to cure fistula.

***I will be hosting a funraiser in the effort of providing a woman with a life-changing sergury on Monday Nov. 24th @ 3pm at PSU's Women's Resource Center. We'll be watching a documentary about fistula (called "A Walk to Beautiful" which follows the lives of 3 women affected by fistula). There will be fun, socializing, Q&A, and FREE FOOD :) Hope to see everyone there to support a great cause!***

Suggested Donation: $10

Anyone who is interested in learning more or cannot attend the meeting, but wishes to donate please contact me at [email protected]

Sponsored by the Sierra Club and One-by-One