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Call to Artists - Redesign Currency

RSVP to Katherine --- [email protected]

Springboard Social Innovation Forum requests art submissions to complement this month's forum themed "Financing the Good." We are seeking artistic expressions that represent a new way of thinking about currency--what kind of currency might we use if it promoted new kinds of exchange? What would it look like? What would it be made of? The Forum will explore innovative and proven ways to fund traditionally underfunded organizations/start ups whose goal is to benefit the common good---community building, social justice, environmental protection, etc. The art exhibit should strengthen and expand these ideas.

Each month's art exhibit is held in conjunction with the Springboard Social Innovation Forum. The mission of the Forum is to empower "average" citizens with the resources/tools they need to take action to solve major problems facing our society. The forum and art exhibit are sponsored by Portland based nonprofit Springboard Innovation. Our mission is to foster community-led community change.

What alternatives can you think you of to our current currency system?

This is your opportunity to redefine / reinvent: the meaning of money, the value, the materials, the images, the flow of exchange.

Some more food for thought: how can your currency "finance the good" is it permanent or temporary? 2 or 3 dimensional? can it change shape, color, design as it is used? can it increase in value as it is used? can it only be exchanged for particular kinds of things? Perhaps your currency can buy things that traditional money can't buy...

Requirements: Must be able to hang on a wall or be tacked to cork board. Weighs no more than 2lbs. If your artwork is larger than the size of the money to be circulated, please bring a copy of the size that it would be circulated at. Your artwork must be accompanied by a short artist statement.

Art works due: Noon on Sunday, December 7th Urban Grind Coffeehouse / Community Center NE 22nd and Oregon

Art exhibit opening: 6:00 - 9:00pm Wednesday, December 10th Urban Grind Coffeehouse / Community Center NE 22nd and Oregon The Art Exhibit runs from Dec. 10th - January 12

Looking forward to your participation --- Katherine Ball Springboard Social Innovation Forum Project Coordinator [email protected] 313.605.2924 (cell) http://www.springboardinnovation.org