Bilingual Homebuying Specialist

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organization:Portland Housing Center
position summary:

HomeBuying Specialist, Bi-lingual (Spanish/English)

Position Description

Purpose: Assist first-time home buyers in the home buying process.

Supervisor: The HomeBuying Specialist reports directly to the Program Manager, Education and Counseling Services. The HomeBuying Specialist also works closely with Participating Lenders and Realtors, PHC lending department, other PHC staff and community partners to facilitate home buying transactions.

SUMMARY: The HomeBuying Specialist is responsible for preparation of first-time home buyers in the HomeOwner Basics Program, navigation of customers through the home buying process, and assisting home buyers in overcoming barriers to home purchase. This position works with both English and Spanish-language home buyers.

Salary / Pay Rate:salary based on experience
Required Skills and Abilities:Major Responsibilities: 1. Assess home buyers through collecting and analyzing information regarding income, credit, assets, debts and other personal financial information. 2. Provide pre-purchase counseling, which includes interviewing and developing work plans with home buyers. 3. Assist home buyers in overcoming credit and other barriers to home purchase. 4. Counsel home buyers on loan options to best meet their needs and financial circumstances. 5. Counsel home buyers on the mortgage loan process and application. 6. Inform Portland Housing Center buyers about internal and external loan products. 7. Refer mortgage-ready home buyers to PHC Lending Department for qualification for PHC loan products. 8. Make appropriate referrals to and communicate with Participating Realtors, Lenders, housing developers, and other HomeOwner Basics Partners. 9. Provide technical assistance to borrowers. 10. Conduct pre-closing meetings with home buyers. 11. Maintain up-to-date entry of counseling and customer status notes in relevant PHC databases to reflect most current customer information, and maintaining hard copy customer files. 12. Provide home buyer readiness information and analysis to the Program Manager. 13. Provide monthly reports on counseling production and outcomes to Program Manager. 14. Network with agencies serving the local Latino community.
Qualifications:1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or two years work experience in a counseling and/or lending environment 2. Knowledge of mortgage lending and financial management preferred. 3. Spanish and English fluency, spoken and written 4. Proficient computer knowledge and experience, including Microsoft Word, Excel and other spreadsheet programs, and data entry. 5. Demonstrated analytical ability 6. Good written and verbal communication skills 7. Demonstrated commitment to affordable housing 8. Ability to complete NeighborWorks America home buying counseling trainings and to obtain appropriate certifications.
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer