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Handwriting Volunteering POSTPONED to Thursday

Due to reports of another snowy evening, we're going to put off volunteering for one day. So now, new and improved date, same time!

Thursday, 18 December 12:00PM - 1:00PM Green Empowerment Office 140 SW Yamhill St. Portland, OR 97204

Practice your handwriting while making someone feel special! Green Empowerment writes thank you letters by hand, and we'd just be over the moon if you had a lunchtime to help. Brown bag your noontime repast, head on over to Green Empowerment's office, and try your fist for a good cause. Thank you!!

-- Stephanie Routh Resource Development Coordinator GREEN EMPOWERMENT 140 SW Yamhill St. Portland, OR 97204 P: 503.284.5774 F: 503.460.0450 www.greenempowerment.org [email protected]

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