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Meetup: "Season of sharing - Your top tips for marketing in a downturn", Thursday, 12/18

The season of sharing is upon us and so is the economic downturn. We'll dedicate Socially Responsible Business Group's last Meetup of 2008 to practical advice on how to market your business, nonprofit, project, or cause in a down economy.

5:30 - 7 PM @ People's Food Coop Community Room (3029 SE 21st, Portland)

As the Group's organizer, I will kick off by sharing my five favorite ways to market any organization in tough times. I'll then hand it over to those of you who'd like to do the same! Would you share your top 5 marketing tactics for dealing with the current economic climate? After all, your ingenuity in dealing with the world out there is what's keeping you in business and what's making you an expert. So, I invite you to come and

- Share: we all can benefit from each other's experiences and expertise. - Commiserate: you're not alone, we're all in this together. - Socialize: substitute for networking, which we all do all year long. - Feast: bring a holiday snack; hot cider provided. (Optional: hot toddy after the Meetup at a nearby bar.)

Your first Meetup is free, then $5 (cash or check). All fees above cost will be donated to Mercy Corps Northwest.

Meetup home: http://www.meetup.com/Socially-Responsible-Business-Group/

Organizer: Peter Korchnak, Semiosis Communications, http://semiosiscommunications.com/, contact; peterk[at]semiosiscommunications.com