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Volunteer Exhibit Interpreters Needed for OMSI's Da Vinci - The Genius

If you are interested, please visit http://www.omsi.edu/current-volunteer-listings to download an application. Questions? E-mail [email protected]

POSITION SUMMARY: Volunteer Exhibit Interpreters are needed in the Featured Exhibits Hall during Da Vinci - The Genius, from January 31 through May 3, 2009. Volunteers will share content related to the exhibit with visitors, answer questions, and maintain a safe environment for both the visitors and the exhibits. Volunteers may also facilitate science demonstrations and activities that educate the public about Leonardo da Vinci.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Interact with visitors to help them explore and learn from Da Vinci - The Genius. • Facilitate activities and demonstrations for visitors of all ages to help them learn about Da Vinci’s inventions, ranging from musical instruments to flying machines. • Assist staff in the safety and maintenance of the hall.

This is an exciting opportunity to inspire others through the works for Leonardo da Vinci. Volunteers will be able to enjoy OMSI and Da Vinci – The Genius from an insider’s perspective!

QUALIFICATIONS: • Skillful in facilitating use of exhibits and translating scientific information age-appropriately. • Strong communication and customer service skills. • Able to maintain a calm, pleasant, and cheerful demeanor in a variety of atmospheres. • Able to listen and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds and age levels. • Dependable and punctual. • Self-directed and willing to take initiative. • Must present a professional appearance. • Willing to follow OMSI rules and procedures.

VOLUNTEER BENEFITS: • Training and a lifelong learning experience. • Admission for the volunteer to the museum, OMNIMAX and Planetarium shows, and submarine tours. • An OMSI Family Membership upon completion of 50 hours of volunteer service. • Discounts in the Café and Science Store. • The opportunity to meet many new people and learn more about OMSI.