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re-evaluate, re-energize and renew your life and career

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Special Program Offered through Life by Design NW

Facilitated by Carol Vecchio, Founder and Director, Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal Seattle, Washington

Feeling tired, stuck or burned out in your job or life? Considering making a change, but not sure what’s next? Want to start 2009 with a fresh resolve and conscious intention? Facing important transitions and unsure how to navigate change and loss? Out of work (or will be) and feeling overwhelmed?

Then join us on for a premiere workshop, never before offered in Portland, at a special price just for Life by Design NW friends and colleagues.

re-evaluate, re-energize and renew your life and career, PCC CPWTC 1626 SE Water Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 Saturday, January 10th 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Special One-Time Offer: $30/ per person or, $50 if you sign up with someone else! Pre-Registration Required: 503-731-6650 or email [email protected]  

If you are re-evaluating or making a change in your work or life, this workshop gives you practical skills to move forward and get unstuck. You will learn: • To understand an apply a unique model for change and transition • What to expect from each phase and how to have patience with yourself as you move through the process • How to define effective steps for working with the process instead of against it. • The most effective next steps to a renewed sense of purpose, balance and enthusiasm in your life, relationships, and work.

“If you are going to do just one thing for yourself in the New Year, this should be it. I felt transformed after the experience and it has created the map I am following now to transition from my job into my Encore Career.” Cindy Burdell, Founding Director ALS Foundation Recent Centerpoint Participant

This workshop features Carol Vecchio who is the Founder and Executive Director of Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal. She is a sought-out speaker and facilitator who has inspired audiences of all sizes throughout the US and Canada. A full-time career counselor since 1981, her professional development includes a degree in psychology, graduate studies in counseling, and extensive training with Richard N. Bolles author of What Color is Your Parachute? Throughout her 27+ years of career counseling, Carol has worked with people in a variety of fields and professions; one of her specialties over the past 25 years is assisting attorneys. Her purpose in life is to help others embrace and learn from the uncertainty that change brings, uncover their passions, and create lives that they love. She is currently writing a book whose working title is "The Time Between Dreams: Successfully Navigating Change and Uncertainty in Life and Work".