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Stream Team Program Associate

The Stream Team started in 1992 and has grown to a regionally recognized voluntary environmental restoration effort of Clark Public Utilities. Annually over 800 volunteers plant trees, monitor local water quality, manage non-native plants and provide environmental outreach to protect local water quality and quantity.

The Stream Team Program Associate will assist the Stream Team Coordinator in developing high quality, on-the-ground restoration and outreach activities in the Salmon Creek and East Fork of the Lewis Watersheds. These activities might include: program development, community event design and implementation, service learning development, volunteer coordination, outreach, and program evaluation and grant writing opportunities.

A large portion of the member's time (approximately 60%) will include large event planning, program outreach, environmental education and the development of volunteer leaders. Once volunteer leaders are trained and active, the position will be able to focus on other program needs such as grant writing. Approximately half of the associate's time will be spent in the field.

This 11 month position starts January 20, 2009.  Benefits include a monthly living allowance of $1250, an education award of $4725, a training fund of up to $500, health insurance, loan forbearance, and child care reimbursement.

To apply:   Step 1: Submit an interest letter and resume to Lisa Beranek at [email protected]. No phone calls or visits please.

Step 2: Complete your application and send it to Margi Guilfoyle at [email protected]: (All application materials can be found on the "How to Apply" page of our website)

• Application – Complete the AmeriCorps Application. It may be submitted by mail, fax or email

• Two Written References – Please ask your recommenders to complete the NWSA Reference Form. It may be submitted by mail, fax or email.

• Certification Form – Print, sign and date the Certification Form. This document MUST be submitted by mail or in person to our offices at 55 SE Main, Portland OR 97214.