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Still hope for low-income families!

Rose Community Development Corp.

Revitalizing Outer South East Portland since 1992    

Grants support self-sufficiency Northwest Health Foundation & Oregon Community Foundation back resident services project            

SOUTHEAST PORTLAND – ROSE Community Development Corp. has been awarded two grants totaling $61,400.            

The funds will be used to expand services ROSE provides to residents of a new affordable housing community.  The grants were given by:   Portland’s Northwest Health Foundation, which supports projects designed to improve the health of residents in Oregon and Southwest Washington.  They will provide ROSE with $48,400 over the next two years. The Oregon Community Foundation, which works to improve life in Oregon and promote effective philanthropy.  They have awarded $13,000 to ROSE.            

Both grants will be used for a project focused on residents of Leander Court, a 37-unit affordable housing community located at 4620 SE 122nd Ave.  The primary goals are to expand services provided at the complex in ways that integrate residents into the surrounding community, while at the same time working to combat social and environmental causes of poor health. 

Approximately 180 residents – including 130 children – will be the direct beneficiaries of the two-year project.  The building, opened in the fall of 2007, is specifically designed for families with kids.  Leander Court has an enclosed playground courtyard and two on-site child-care providers.  Thirty-four of its 37 apartments have three or more bedrooms.  All resident families earn less than 50% of the Portland area’s median family income.           

“The logic behind the project is to give residents greater control over their environment,” explained Nick Sauvie, executive director of ROSE.  “At the same time ROSE and our partners will address determinants of health such as safety, employment, education and healthy food.”             Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions surrounding people that ultimately influence on their health.  The World Health Organization has recognized that factors such as income, social status, employment conditions and social networks can have a significant impact on both collective and personal well-being.            

ROSE Community Development Corp. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation formed in 1992.  Its name is derived from its mission: “Revitalizing Outer South East” Portland.

ROSE Community Development 5215 SE Duke Street                                                                                                               CONTACT: Portland, OR 97206-6839                                                                                  Nick Sauvie, Executive Director 503-788-8052                                                                                     503-788-8052, ext. 106 www.rosecdc.org                                                                                                     [email protected]     ####