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Student-led conference seeking sleeping quarters in March

Good afternoon,

I'm a senior at Lewis & Clark College and a campus organizer for the Real Food Challenge, which is a student-led movement, aiming to foster support from colleges and universities across the nation for socially, environmentally, and economically responsible and sustainable food systems. I am a part of an organizing team for our weekend-long conference between March 19-21 for students involved with the RFC in the Northwest region-- for whom we need to find a place to lay their heads that weekend!

We need to find sleeping space for anywhere from 30-70 students, but they would be attending the conference during the day. Bathroom facilities are necessary, while kitchen facilities are not but would be wonderful! We would run a tight ship, and make sure to treat the space respectably and responsibly. We might also be able to provide an honorarium as well as inclusion as a sponsor.

Are you affiliated with, or know of, an organization that would be willing to provide a comfortable and secure place for students to come sleep on the floor? If so, please contact me at (805) 453-9662 or [email protected]. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

In solidarity, Katelyn Hale