Volunteer Board Member - Accountant

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organization:Disability Rights Oregon (formerly Oregon Advocacy Center)
position summary:

Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) is seeking a volunteer accountant to join our Board of Directors and to serve as Board Treasurer. DRO is a 501(c) organization that provides free legal assistance to persons with disabilities who have legal problems related to their disabilities. DRO is the Protection and Advocacy Organization for Oregon and receives federal grants to provide services.

DRO’s Board is a policy board that is comprised of individuals who are committed to our Mission: To promote and defend the rights of individuals with disabilities. The Board is comprised of 13 to 15 members: 3 attorneys, 1 accountant, the Chair of the PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness) Council Advisory Board; and 8 to 10 members representing disability communities. There is a requirement that 60% of Board members be persons with disabilities or family members of persons with disabilities.

Position Description – Accountant Board Member/Treasurer 1. Attend bi-monthly board meetings (6 per year) 2. Attend bi-monthly finance and executive committee meetings (6 per year) 3. Chair finance committee 4. Review monthly financial statements and reports 5. Report findings to Board 6. Advise Board on financial 7. Keep up to date with important matters related to the affiliate If you are interested, please contact Barbara Herget at [email protected] or call 503 243 2081 ext 202.

Salary / Pay Rate:Volunteer
Required Skills and Abilities:Understanding of non-profit organizations, federal grants, and fund accounting.
Qualifications:Being committed to DRO's Mission: To promote and defend the rights of individuals with disabilities.
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
website link:www.disabilityrightsoregon.org