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LGBTQ Relationship Foundations Workshop on 2/7/09

On Saturday, February 7th, 2009, Samaritan Counseling Centers is offering an all-day workshop for LGBTQ couples.

There are many ways we can defend our rights as LGBTQ couples. One of those ways is to come together with other LGBTQ couples to deepen our understanding of each other, talk about and define our commitment, and make preparations to sustain a life together. As each couple builds a foundation for their relationship, they express solidarity between themselves and with the community around them. They also send a message that their relationship is worthy of focus, recognition, supports, and preparation.

This all day workshop will help couples to:

-Learn basics of healthy communication -Navigate conflict -Better understand the principles of acceptance, compromise, apology, and forgiveness -Learn to better manage emotional distress -Enhance and maintain commitment -Reduce risk factors for separation and increase protective factors for staying together -Clarify and evaluate expectations -Enhance positive bonding that comes with fun and friendship -Understand how your personal history is impacting your relationship -Uncover and share each other's dreams about the future

Join us at our one-day "Relationship Foundations" workshop, and treat your relationship to the focus and recognition it deserves. We offer small, high quality group settings which promise a personal, engaging atmosphere, individualized attention, and serious dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of creating and protecting LGBTQ bonds and families in our current social climate.

The workshop is facilitated by master-level, queer-identified counselors Mike Binks, LPC and Linda Simpson, LPC, who have many years of experience working with couples. We use active learning techniques that promise you a practical, fun, and low-pressure experience!

You will also have the opportunity to use an evidence-based, personalized relationship assessment tool to help you better understand your areas of compatibility and strength as a couple, as well as to isolate the areas of potential stress. This assessment is accompanied by 3 hours of follow-up private relationship education with one of the workshop facilitators. Use this time to focus on sex and intimacy, religion and faith, goal setting, or the exploration of any other unique aspect of your relationship.

Please visit our information and sign-up page at: http://www.sccpdx.org/sys/classes/lgbtq-relationship-foundations-workshop-2/ or call Mike at 503-740-0573 to register. Space is limited, in order to provide a sense of safety and intimacy.