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JOB Opportunity: Certified High School Teacher

Oregon Outreach, Inc. a non-profit alternative schools program  

Full Time High School Teacher at Milwaukie Site

Contact Rebecca Black 503-281-9597, email: [email protected]

DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: This full- or part-time professional position provides classroom instruction for alternative school students in a small setting. This may include small group or one-on-one tutorials, small group direct instruction, and/or team teaching. OOI teachers must be able to provide instruction in a variety of subjects along with their certification area.

QUALIFICATIONS: Oregon State teaching certification is preferred, out of state certification may be acceptable while provisional or permanent certification is being arranged. Experience and/or education may be accepted without certification in some cases. Teachers must have experience and/or demonstrated ability to work effectively with at-risk and diverse youth, and proven ability to work as a member of a small team.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Development of Curriculum Plan: •  Implement student pre-assessment for academic and learning styles. •  Prescribe learning activities based on student academic needs and aligned with state content standards. •  Provide diverse instructional strategies appropriate for each student. •  Develop and implement the assessment plan to demonstrate student mastery of academic plan aligned with state assessments. Develop Course Content Standards •  Align course goals with state content standards and district curriculum (if applicable) •  Create new courses/contracts under supervision of lead teacher and using approved process. Maintain accurate records and documentation. •  Complete academic plan (Graduation Planner and course definition) within 5 days of student enrollment. •  Provide student feedback in a timely manner (usually within 3 days). •  Maintain student academic progress, work habits, attendance, and behaviors using log sheets. •  Follow approved procedure to maintain copies of academic contracts and other student records. •  Follow approved procedure for student of concern issues and complete and route incident reports. Maintain Professionalism •  Maintain site hours as defined by site lead teacher and OOI staff handbook. •  Follow OOI policy when unable to attend school for any reason. •  Follow OOI policy when applying for use of personal leave or vacation days. •  Provide appropriate classroom supervision at all times and follow all OOI and site policies in regard to student supervision. •  Develop and maintain a professional relationship with other staff persons, students, parents, and community support persons. •  Attend and participate in all staff in-service and sue staff meetings. •  Participate in OOI strategic planning, committee, and other organizational meetings. •  Maintain professional growth goals on current educational trends. Maintain appropriate site/classroom management •  Maintain a positive, inviting room/site environment, including room arrangement, appearance, and atmosphere. •  Implement classroom management strategies consistent with OOI and site policies. •  Post and implement classroom rules and expectations consistent with OOI and site policies. •  Follow OO/site policy when referring students for academic, behavioral, or special education concerns.

Other duties as needed or assigned