Strategic Planning Consultant

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organization:Rose City Rollers
position summary:

Rose City Rollers (RCR) started out as a rag tag team of women making decisions on the fly. Over the last five years, we have developed into a very successful organization with 100+ members who are actively involved with our community and roller derby nationwide. Our rapid growth and success has lead us to restructure our current Board of Directors and leadership roles to meet our growing needs. We are looking for an efficiency overhaul, organizational restructuring, and guided SWOT analysis. The RCR Strategic Planning Committee will support the Board of Directors' planning process by providing objective facilitation and monitoring follow-through and implementation. It is the vision of the Strategic Planning Committee to have a clear mission vision and values statement for RCR. We envision organized quarterly board retreats with objective external facilitators to guide the process of improving RCR's governing structure and long range planning. It is our goal for RCR to have well outlined 10 year plan with clearly dated milestones to achieve this plan. It is also our vision to achieve an effective and transparent league structure that is understood by all RCR members.

Please Contact Genevieve Moore at [email protected]

Salary / Pay Rate:VIP tickets and Merch Package
Required Skills and Abilities:Experience with strategic planning