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Volunteer with the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line

American Domestic Violence Crisis Line (ADVCL) operates the only toll-free international crisis line for Americans abused abroad. The crisis line is available from 175 countries. ADVCL is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans overseas make informed decisions about the abuse in their lives and in the lives of their children through intervention and education. ADVCL provides hope to these survivors and offers extensive support services and programs necessary for them to establish violence-free and economically feasible lives when they make the decision to return to the United States with their children.

These are advanced trainings and will cover issues that impact American victims overseas and issues specific to answering calls on the international toll free hotline. To volunteer on the crisis line, you must have already completed training with a dv agency, have experience working on a domestic violence hotline, or demonstrate experience working with victims. Those wishing to volunteer who do not have previous experience, an independent study course or training though another agency can be arranged.

This 2 day training will be held from 9am to 5pm on Saturday February 21st and Sunday February 22nd in Portland, Oregon.

For more information, please call Caitlin at 503-203-1444 or email at [email protected] For more information about ADVCL, please visit our website at www.866uswomen.org.