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Thousands of FREE BOOKS for your non-profit (non-children's books)

Schoolhouse Supplies is looking to partner with another non-profit that is in need of bulk quantities of books. Each month, we receive thousands of books and sort out the children's and young adult books to provide them to K-12 schools. We are left with thousands of quality college and adult-level books, including cooking books, self-help books, serial novels, technical books and all kinds of other miscellaneous good reads. These books would be great for a hospital book cart, employment center library, shelter library or other not-for-profit purposes!

We've been fortunate to continue to receive more books than we can handle and that our previous partners can handle. Are you an organization that can use these types of books in bulk? We are looking for any ideas for other organizations that could use them, specifically in the Portland, Oregon area.

Please contact mark at www.schoolhousesupplies.org if you want to receive these great books!