PolitiCorps Associate Director

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organization:Bus Project
position summary:

Leadership role with innovative, nationally-recognized service leadership program.

The Bus Project is an innovative vehicle for hands-on democracy. We engage new people in the civic process for immediate impact and for long-term leadership development. Volunteer leadership grows from a passion for positive politics and our six Es: Education, Environment, Equal rights, Election reform, Economy, and ‘Ealth Care. The Bus Project is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, with offices in Multnomah and Lane Counties. Its partner organizations include the Bus Project Foundation 501(c)(3) and the BusPAC. The Bus is not affiliated with any political party, and would prefer that we examine political issues on their own merits and from an independent perspective - not left, not right, but forward. PolitiCorps is our core leadership development and campaign training program. It serves college juniors, seniors, and recent graduates with an intensive summer bootcamp and follow-on year of service Fellowship. Oodles more at busproject.org and politicorps.org

Salary / Pay Rate:20-28k
Required Skills and Abilities:• Curriculum development- Create trainings on leadership skills, campaign skills, communications, public policy, or other relevant areas. Work closely with volunteer trainers, speakers, and elected officials to develop workshops, facilitated discussions and lectures. • Recruitment- Develop relationships with college counselors, professors, department chairs, student leaders, and political groups to recruit applicants. Learn and deliver recruitment pitch. Represent the program at career fairs, trainings, and conferences. Manage internet job postings. Track recruitment efforts in online database. • Teaching/Coaching/Mentorship- Teach core skills and competencies both in the classroom setting and also informally, as a mentor, 1-on-1, or in small groups. • Fundraising: Support program director to conduct fundraising efforts, including scheduling meetings, creating materials, and prospecting donors. Lead fundraising from PolitiCorps Alumni. • Event Planning- Execute detail-oriented logistical planning of summer bootcamp. Arrange for transportation, food, coordination of schedules, speakers’ tech and presentation needs, and notifying Fellows of changes in schedule.
Qualifications:• Whip-smart • Dynamic front-of-the-classroom teacher and trainer. Preferably experienced with immersion-style leadership development or service-learning programs (NOLS, Outward Bound, Rockwoood) • Meticulous and detail-obsessive • Highly organized and productive (friends have a hard time understanding how you get so much done in one day) • Frugal / efficient (i.e. making much happen with little) • Experience with grassroots politics (or something that you can defend as being similarly whirlwind) and volunteer management • Social skills, enthusiasm, and confidence befitting a lynchpin of a giant volunteer network • Top-notch written skills • Proven ability to work unsupervised • Freedom to travel (sometimes on a bus), and freedom to work long and/or irregular hours (often including weekends and evenings). Able to work campaign hours (24 hour availability) during summer program (June-August). Fun to be with on no sleep, facing a stressful deadline. • Relentlessly positive in the face of obstacles (and sometimes the stress of too many opportunities) • Culturally competent and comfortable discussing race, gender, and power • Ability to buckle down and wrap projects up • “Zoom factor” (i.e. the ability to see both the forest *and* the trees) • Desire to own and hone this position (and the Bus) for two years and beyond
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
website link:www.politicorps.org