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Community Asset Mapping - Connecting

ABCD Study Group Meeting

Wednesday, January 21 2009 6:30pm - 8:00pm

East Portland Neighborhood Office (1017 NE 117th)

Topic: brightneighbor.com

Guest: Randy White, CEO/Founder of Bright Neighbor

It makes perfect sense that "mapping", or documenting, the gifts/abilities/assets of a community then giving motivated citizens access to that "map" will enable members of the community to better connect with each other and use their own "stuff" to improve their community. This wonderful idea is at the core of ABCD (which is simply a collection of the most effective principles and strategies used by community developers over the years to do sustainable community organizing).

But, who decides what the assets are? Who does the work of documenting them all? Who's going to keep the "map" up to date and work to provide access? In essence how do you launch and sustain such an effort? These are questions that have recently haunted me.

brightneighbor.com is a tool that allows each community member to decide what they have to offer the community. It helps community members establish levels of trust with each other and allows members to adjust all elements their online "profile" (ala myspace or facebook) on their own schedule. At this point, I'm going to let you do some research on your own and come meet Randy to learn more...

Let's check this out together. The ABCD Study Group is comprised of anyone that has a heart for learning how to better do community in East Portland. There is no membership, just lots of cool participants that form an ever growing circle engaging in a non-violent, positive-force assault on the struggles of our community. It's sponsored by the East Portland Neighborhood Office. See you on the 21st if not before.


Mike Vander Veen

Community Outreach Coordinator

East Portland Neighborhood Office