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World Oil Supply: At the Turning Point? Presented by John Kaufman at the Bagdad @ 6pm on Jan 21st

John Kaufman will present and discuss the history and current climate of the world oil supply and address the concept of Peak Oil.  According to US EIA (Energy Information Association) data ( www.eia.doe.gov/ipm/supply.html ), world oil supplies peaked in 2004.  Many have heard of the concept of 'peak oil', but do not fully understand the reality.  Peak oil, conceptually, simply means that the oil that is left in the ground is more difficult and more expensive to obtain.  This presentation will discuss the economic and social implications of peak oil as well as the need and rise in green collar jobs.  Green-collar work may be one of the greatest opportunities as our society and economy change from one being oil-based, to focusing on alternative forms of energy.

John Kaufman, is a senior policy analyst with the Oregon Department of Energy and has led energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts with the department for 25 years, helping to make Oregon a national leader. He headed Oregon's efforts to adopt the nation's most energy-efficient building codes, and received the American Planning Association Professional Achievement Award for getting 26 local governments in the Portland Metro area to jointly adopt solar orientation and solar rights ordinances. At various times he has managed the agency's Residential and Business Energy Tax Credit programs, public buildings programs, and new energy technologies efforts. He was lead staff to the Portland Peak Oil Task Force and was primary author of the report, and has made presentations to numerous audiences nationwide.

The Future of Energy is an energy professionals/green collar networking grouping.  Their mission is to provide a networking and educational forum for energy professionals. By utilizing the diverse expertise and leadership of its members, the group works to promote practical solutions for enhancing the role of energy efficiency and renewable energy in consumer choices, and market dynamics; and communicate how they relate to major global problems such as global climate change, peak energy, and sustainability.


Baghdad Theater

3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland, OR